The Mediation Firm Exclusively for Resolution of M&A-Related Conflicts

We mediate disputes relating to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, and control and minority investments. That’s it.

Pari Passu M&A Mediation offers a unique value proposition. By design, we are not dispute resolution generalists. Rather, we strictly limit our practice to conflicts related to M&A transactions. We draw upon more than four decades of successful deal making, problem solving and value creation to help parties find solutions to challenging and complex M&A-related controversies.

Our name reflects our core values. “Pari passu” in Latin means “equal footing,” and in finance has come to mean “without preference.” Constantly striving to achieve the standard set by our name, we endeavor to operate as a true neutral, to treat each party with dignity, respect, impartiality and patience, and to put each on an equal footing, without preference.